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Solar charge controller

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    I am working on simulation and calculation of solar charge controller for lead acid battery..I simulated two solar panel in parallel along with switched capacitor dc-dc boost converter which is basically voltage doubler and it is working properly but now I need 12V on output of this boost converter to fed battery and dc load of 40W total..this boost converter every time provide double of input voltage while I need 12V constant for lead acid 12V and 100AH battery.One lead acid charging circuit is given in Boylestad Electronic Devices book my question is that can I use this circuit after my boost converter instead of load resistance..

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    Why do you voltage double parallel panels when you can simply use the panels in series?

    To charge a 12V battery you will need closer to 13.8V with a negative temperature coefficient.

    That 13.8V could be produced with a switching buck converter from two panels in series.
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    In this circuit I have seen current is very low.What's the reason that in capacitor based circuit current is low while in conventional DC-DC converter current is high in which inductor used as main energy storage element.
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