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Special relativity Books

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    Hi there,
    I am wondering what would be a good book to study the math of special relativity for a non physist.
    I started with the " An Illustrated Guide for Special Relativity" by Tatsu Takeuchi which I found nice and easy book to start with.
    To put it in another way, where should I go after the above mentioned book?
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    This depends om exactly what you want to include, how far you want to go, and what your current knowledge is. In order to understand SR on an intermediate level, you only need basic vector and tensor analysis.
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    Thanks for the reply, I will be happy with the intermediate level. So any suggested books please ?
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    I like Takeuchi's treatment of kinematics, and have used the book for that purpose in a gen ed course that I taught, but IMO his treatment of dynamics is very poor, and there's also too little connection with experiment. At the same (low) mathematical level as Takeuchi, another book worth looking at is Mermin, It's About Time. I found it a little dry.

    If you want to move up to a more mathematical treatment, Spacetime Physics by Taylor and Wheeler is pretty good. My own SR book http://lightandmatter.com/sr/ is also probably at about the level you want.
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