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Speed of light to the square

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    The speed of light turns out to be a strange idea for many persons, it imposes to the transmission of physical information a very annoying limit.

    And the question is, if the speed of light to the square was not the result of multiplying (c) for (c) ?, but out the result of multiplying two lengths by two different frequencies to (c).
    Surely (c) would always be the result of (cˆ2) square root .

    The consequences would be very interesting, at least theoretically there would be opened a few new possibilities of being able to handle the Time.

    It seems that (c . c) = cˆ2
    but really it is ( x ). ( y ) = cˆ2

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    That doesn't make a whole lot of sense: The only frequencie and length that fit there are the wavelength and frequency of light. So you still end up with C.
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