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Split Pipe Flow: Multiple Inlets and Outlets (Bernoulli's)

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    http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=mhvarc&s=9#.WD__u_mLTIU Hey guys,
    So, I've got this problem, attached.
    I've used Bernoulli's to produce P1 + (1/2)p(u1)^2 +P2 + (1/2)p(u2)^2 = P3+ (1/2)p(u3)^2 +P4 + (1/2)p(u4)^2 +P5 + (1/2)p(u5)^2,
    Plugging in the values you get 82500 + P2 + 500(u2)^2 = P3 + 60000 + 500(u4)^2 + P5 + 500(u5)^2
    Replacing velocity with volumetric flow/area,
    82500 + P2 + 500(Q2/A2)^2 = P3 + 500(Q4/0.03)^2 + P5 + 500(0.74/(A5)^2
    Now I know Q1 + Q2 = Q3 +Q4 + Q5, but I have come to a dead end. Is this just numerous simultaneous equations or is there another way about this?

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