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  1. V

    Radiation heat transfer in channel flow

    Hi guys, I am confused about the heat transfer mode of between two contacting material, especially in a channel flow. Obviously, conduction or convection dominate the heat transfer process in the process with low object temperature . But I am not sure if I have a fluid of 500 Kelvin, flowing...
  2. nn2e19

    Hole Sizing to Drain Fluids [Pressurized Container]

    Hello, I want to size my system to be able to get rid of fluids without any head buildup within the container. I am just a bit confused as to what formula I should use. My problem is summed up in the following schematic. Note that P1>P2, I have assumed H=10^(-4)m and my flow rate is 0.1 m3/s...
  3. Sizhe

    Pipe flow with precipitation at boundary

    Homework Statement Consider a plug flow (slippery walls) with a uniform velocity ##U## in a circular pipe of diameter,##d## and length ##L##. The fluid is a supersaturated solution with a concentration ##c##. At the pipe wall, precipitation of solute happens at a net reaction rate per unit area...
  4. M

    Temperature drop in an insulated pipe over 12 hours

    Hello all, I have been having some problems and would appreciate any help: I have a length of insulated pipe filled with engine oil at rest, the variables are as follows: Toil: 40 oC Tair: 5 oC h1 (LO): 3600.63 W/m2/K r1 (pipe inner): 0.1 m r2 (pipe outer): 0.1095 m r3...
  5. Oscar Gonzalez

    How to calculate flow loss between 90 and 45 degree fittings

    Hi everyone. Let me give a little bit of background on the problem I need help understanding. I want to plumb an aquarium that has a sump and move the water from the sump to the main aquarium using a pump and 1" PVC pipe. The total system pipe length is going to be roughly 10 feet total with...
  6. A

    Brain fade/idiot moment - simple question about pipe flows

    Stupid question: I have the following pipe configuration: Working fluid = ambient air Pipe1 = 6 inch ID x 24 inch length Expansion1 = 2 inch length Pipe2 = 8 inch ID x 2 inch length Fan1 = assume 200 CFM @ 2860 rpm, 0.05 inH2O Contraction1 = 2 inch length Pipe3 = 6 inch ID x 12 inch length...
  7. R

    Pressure drop calculation

    I have a pump running at 400rpm with 8" inlet and outlet with head 30 ft 500 gpm. Now I am planning to reduce the discharge line to 6" . Assuming the flow rate and speed constant the velocity in the pipe will increase. How do I calculate the change in head?
  8. G

    Pipe Flow Calculation

    I used to have a slide chart that gave gpm through a level section of pipe (1/2" - 6") by measuring how long the exit stream was when it had dropped 4". Imagine a framing square with the blade on the pipe and the tongue hanging down in the stream. Slide the square out until the stream is...