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Sprocket dimensions

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    hello, i'm designng a f1 car,,, we are using a duke 390 engine...we are using a chain differential...... now i'm trying to make the sprockets. to make this sprockets i need to know its dimensions.. that is sprocket teeth diameter width etc... so, i'm very much confussed with it. how to get this dimensions is there any calculations required to make the diameter of the two sprokets.. if we use a sproket diameter small for a high power engine there would be a problem and we use sprocket diameter large for low power generating engine then this might result in another problem. so, i need help to make the dimensions of the sprockets to run my car. and giving u data of engine specifications whether it is useful to make the calculations of sproket diamater
    specifications of duke :
    Displacement 373.2 cc
    Maximum Power 43 Bhp @ 9500 rpm
    Maximum Torque 35 Nm @ 7250 rpm
    Power-to-weight Ratio 271.76 bhp per tonne
    Torque-to-Weight Ratio 221.20 nm per tonne
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    Why do you want to make sprockets? is building an open wheel race car not challenging enough? :wink:
    the obvious choice is to use the sprocket and chain from the Duke, if you need a different sized axle sprocket they are only $20-$30, any motorcycle store will have many in stock or can order rarer types.

    As far as ratios goes - That's up to you, you need to decide what top speed you'd like and balance that against acceleration and choose tooth counts to match.

    If you google 'FSAE forum' you'll find a forum with hundreds of pages of info from engineering students building and racing motorcycles powered open wheelers - exactly what you are trying to do.
    To be honest, if you don't know where to start with sprocket selection you're unlikely to have much success designing the rest of the car. You need to do a lot of research & study. Tune to Win by Carroll Smith is a good start.
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