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Stability in blocks - static equilibrium

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    First of all, I'm from Brazil and my english is not so good!

    I've been studied the follwing problem for some months and until today I'm not find a solution!
    Please help me.
    I have some blocks (2D) stacked like in the figure below (attachment).
    In each block I have ONLY the weight force that act on the center of mass.
    My problem is:
    How I calculte the equilibrium of the system? It is in equilibrium?
    And, How much of each force is transferred for the adjacent block and so on until the last block (in contact with the ground)?

    I've tried static equilibrium (sum of momentum, sum of forces): But for one block that has three adjacent blocks the system is undetermined, and I need of more equations...
    I've also tried three momentum's equations, some techniques of pillar scaling, but... :(

    Please help me!

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