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B Star telescope photo

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    I just try to make photo (quite amateur) of Vega and Arcturus (by 76 mm scope Newtonian)
    If you like watch it ...

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    What camera did you use?
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    I just put the mobile camera objective on eyepiece.... Do you have some experience with better way of make photo with these telescope?
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    Yes, I have specialized equipment dedicated to astrophotography, as does @russ_watters. There are many options if you'd like to get into the hobby, ranging from simple mounts for your cell phone all the way up to expensive cameras and tracking mounts dedicated to long-exposure imaging at night.
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    thank you very much for tips and information. This XCSOURCE 1.25" 0.3MP CMOS Smart USB Digital Telescope Camera Electronic Eyepiece DC625 looks very good. -do you need any special software to replay it ( or make shots) on PC?

    Thank you
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    Nope no software needed... it is plug and play like a USB memory device.
    My Celestron imager does have PC software and is 5 megapixel (wish list is the 10 megapixel imager) and does take excellent photos as well as videos.

    I think as a starter imager the XSOURCE is a good deal... but I have adapted my NIKON 880 camera to the telescope/microscope in the past with excellent results too.
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    AHa, ok thank you very much
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