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Static Friction help

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    the Force of static friction = Us*n , if i am given a Velocity then how do i find n (normal force)? There is no mass given just a velocity. I am not asking for help for a solution for homework, i am just asking for clarification.

    Thank you.
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    Welcome to PF.

    Often normal forces are due simply to the weight of the object, and possibly the angle or slope of the surface.

    Normal forces are also affected by forces that push an object into a surface (or pull on it, but without actually pulling it off of the surface.)

    I don't know of any case where the velocity is used to find n. There would have to be some other information given to find n, or if not then perhaps n is not needed in order to solve the problem.

    You may need to post a specific problem in the Homework section, if this is not clear.
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