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Homework Help: Steam Heat

  1. May 5, 2009 #1
    To make steam, you add 5.8 X105J of heat to 0.2 kg of water with an initial temperature of 50oC.

    (a) What amount of heat must be added to the water to bring its temperature to 100oC?

    (b) What amount of additional heat must be added to this 100oC water to convert it to steam?

    (c) How much of the original 5.8 X105J of energy added has not been turned into internal energy after all the water has been converted to steam?

    (d) What is the change in temperature of the system after all the water has turned to steam?

    (e) What is the final temperature of the system?

    So i am just stuck on d and e. not sure how to find the final temperature change... any help wanted
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    i found that d is 216... so i actually need help on e
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    You will want the specific heat for steam. Above 100° it is still close to 4219 to 4250 J/kg at 120°. You can probably use 4235 as a good figure for determining the additional temp rise.

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