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Steel Frame Analysis (suffer torsion)

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    Hi every one.

    As Steel Frame Manuel mostly discribe the force analysis in vertical loading,

    I wonder how can i solve the following case, a member that suffer torison.
    Is there any reference book you might suggest me to read ,too?

    Thanks for your kind help.

    The attached are the cases I would like to calculate:

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    It appears your applied moment transfers through the green apparatus to become (the negative of) the blue force couple shown in your diagram. Therefore, you have loads applied on your structure, and you would use finite element analysis to solve for the member forces in your frame. Performing finite element analysis by hand calculations would be very tedious and is generally impractical. You could instead perhaps try Calculix for free.
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    Thanks for suggestion.
    I know the frame can be solved by FEA, however I wonder is there any method to solve it by engineering equations.

    Is there any books that have such kind of example??

    Thank you very much for your kind help.
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