Steel qualities

  1. In a table of different steel qualities the information about a perticular type of steel can be as follows:

    Steel type:



    My question is, what do these values tell me? The values are in [tex]N/mm^2[/tex]
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    While I'm not sure I understand what the numbers themselves represent, the approximate value of the quantities seems to be comparable to typical values for steel in MPa, which is the same as N/mm^2.

    So, my guess is YES.
  4. Astronuc

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    What is the format of the table form where these numbers originate?

    S235 is a conventional low carbon structural steel (European Standard EN 10025)

    Grades are:

    Yield strength should be about 235 MPa, UTS about 340-470 MPa.

    The maximum numbers may be maximum design stresses, but it is hard to tell. The numbers are given as ranges.
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    I'd guess similarly to design stresses or then something more exotic, like allowable stress amplitudes in fatigue.
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    Yeah, the 'plus or minus' seems to suggest fatigue related parameters.
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