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Homework Help: Suggestion for cool, interesting experiments

  1. Nov 17, 2004 #1
    I'm about to do this project in which we will prepare and perform an experiment and then later tell the class about it. All this in about a week. I'm now trying to come up with some interesting experiment to do during this time. I'd really like some help on the subject. I'm looking for an experiment that has cool and unexpected effects and at the same time makes you think. (some action would be nice :) ). I've read about one semester of university physics (classic mechanics, electricity, wave physics / optics, nuclear/atomic physics, special relativity) so it mustn't be too advanced. i'm all open for any ideas. the "coming up with ideas" is due next wednesday, so i'ts no rush. any help is appreciated. I'm sure you know lots of experiments...
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    doesn't anyone have any experiments in stock...?
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