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Teaching a high school graduate physics

  1. Jun 8, 2012 #1
    Hello all,

    I'm a Senior in undergrad physics. I want to teach my sister physics as well as prepare for the GRE this summer. What are solid introductions both mathematically and conceptually concise?

    I am thinking of Physics: Concepts and Connections (5th Edition) by Art Hobson before I start a rigorous math introduction. Has anyone any opinion on this book? I can't seem to find it in any library near me, and I'm wondering if it is worth buying. Specifically, does it properly explain the concept of fields (E&M) and why we use them and minimization principle?

    I plan on using griffiths/taylor for more math-oriented introductions. Are there any online lectures better than these? Taylor is excellent, but I always found Griffths inconsistent in his flow between concepts.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
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  3. Jun 11, 2012 #2
    Well I bought the book since nobody replied -_- I'll let you know how it is. Can't believe I couldn't find a decent review anywhere.

    I also found this as a pretty good resource:.academicearth.org/speakers/ramamurti-shankar-1 (apparently I can't link ppl so add the front)

    Anyone else feel like they just need a complete review of everything they've learned and something just clicks?
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