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Homework Help: Temperature change across a wall with respect to time

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    Please help:

    I need help to figure out the following:
    An alluminum wall of thickness s.
    T outside wall, To
    T inside wall, Ti

    If the temperature changes on one side of the wall To, how long will it take until the the other side of the wall Ti reaches Tr, where To < Tr <Ti

    I appreciate all the help I can get.

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    The rate od heat transfer is given with kA (T1 - T2) / d, where k is the thermal conductivity coefficient, A, the surface area of the transferred heat, d the thickness of the wall, T1 the higher and T2 the lower temperature. This should work.
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    Yes, I have already calculated the rate, but I seem to be stuck on what to do next.

    If I have the following:

    Ti - 90 C

    To - 80 C

    Then I have calculated my rate of heat transfer to be 1649,8 J/s.

    How long will it take for To = 85 ?

    I really appreciate the help, Thanks!
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