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Tension of a rope holing a mass on an inclined plane

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    Two blocks are connected by a massless string and are held in position by another massless string along a frictionless incline (as shown in the figure). Let M1 = 52.0 kg, M2 = 30.0 kg, and q = 11°. Calculate the tension in the string connecting the two blocks.

    so..first i am going to use f=ma

    the forces that need to be taken into acount is the weight and noraml force..so i have Fn+w=ma, but the boxes are stationary so the a=0

    then i have Fn+w=0...so w=mg so now i have Fn+mg=0

    i find Fn=-15288 N which is on the y axis of my free-body diagram and then i try to solve for the x component on the digram using 11 deg and Fn....tan 11deg=15288/x

    but that is not the right approch...please help me
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    Your post is totally unclear:

    1. Are your masses HANGING vertically?
    2. Are both your masses lying on the incline?
    3. Or is one of the masses hanging, the other lying on the incline?
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    both of the masses are conncected by a rope on an inclined plane with a 11 deg agnle from the horizontal ground
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