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A The Future of "Soft Matter Physics"

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    Hi all,

    I am trying to learn more about this field. Whether you work or have worked in this area or not, I would like to know where Soft Matter is going in terms of theory and applications.


    *I apologize in advance if there are already many threads specifically addressing this or if the aggregate of a selection of threads sufficiently addresses this.*
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    Could you please post some links to the reading you have been doing about this subject so far? Thanks.
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    I started out with wikipedia, but have then been looking at university soft matter research groups and other material. WIthin those links I have skimmed through some of their publications.

    Here are a few links:


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    You’ll have to be more specific. Soft matter is an enormous field. Are there any specific areas or problems that interest you?
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    I am interested in applications of SMP in electronics and mechanical/aerospace applications. I have read one paper on optical shock waves in silica aerogels from the University of Rome. I thought it was really neat and would like to find more things like that. However, I am also eager on just learning about other applications. So all information on it is welcome really .

    Please let me know what further information is needed to render this discussion more useful to the general community. I apologize for my poor forum mannerisms.
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    "Optical shock waves in aerogels"? Isn't this just Cerenkov radiation?

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