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The greatest pain in life

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    The Greatest Pain in Life ​
    The greatest pain in lifeis not to die, but to be ignored

    To lose the person you love somuch to another who doesn't care at all

    The greatest pain in life, is not to die, but to be forgotten

    When you show someone your innermost thoughts and he laughs in yourface

    For friends to always be too busy to console you when you needsomeone to lift your spirits

    When it seems like the only person who cares about you, is you

    Life is full of pain, but does it ever get better?

    Will people ever care about each other,and make time for those who are in need?

    Each of us has a part to playin this great play we call life

    Each of us has a duty to mankindto tell our friends we love them

    If you do not care about your friendsyou will not be punished

    You will simply be ignored... forgotten... as you have done to others

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    Getting hit in the family jewels hurts a lot more IMO.
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    I guess you've never experienced any of those things huh :tongue:.
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    Friends laughing in my face and turning their backs on me? Every day.
    Now when they drop-kick me in the gonads... that one gets my emotions rolling...
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    Having the dentist drill a hole in your tooth in order to do a filling and finding out the novocaine that took away the feeling in the entire side of your face didn't actually numb the tooth the dentist was drilling on hurts pretty bad, too.

    It's an experience that definitely makes you forget about loneliness for at least a little while.

    Falling asleep on the railroad tracks and being woken up by a train running over your leg hurts pretty bad, too.

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    Ugh, I've kinda had that happen Bob, the dentist story that is. Except it wasn't 'the wrong tooth' (is that even possible when I go my whole mouth is numbed.) but it wore off as the procedure went on. I knew it was almost finished so I just went through it with the pain but PAINFUL it was indeed. I didnt' wanna tell him that it was beginning to hurt because I just wanted to get out of there, had things to do and I was sure if I said something I'd have to wait to get those needles again etc.

    That's a pain that just happens and goes away relatively quickly. Loving someone and getting hurt by them... that drives people into deep depressions that can last lifetimes and can lead to suicide.

    It would suck getting your legs run over by a train though, not cause of the pain though that would probably go away after it numbs off and you go into shock. If not then it'll go away when the doctors arrive, the pain of not having legs though... that's forever.
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    Embarrassing and painful:

    Having a clown punch you in the face whilst simultaneously having your jacket get caught in a car door and the car driving away and stripping you naked in front of a crowd which has all of the hottest girls in the world in it.

    Oh and it is extremely cold out. . .
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    I've experience several emotional pains, such as losing loved ones, and several physical pains, burns probably being the worst.

    While I've become tolerant of physical pain to a degree, the major emotional ones still get me.
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    is reading emo threads
  11. Feb 15, 2010 #10
    Betrayal :mad:
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    I don't think there is any comparison between physical pain and heartbreak. I don't want either, but if I had to choose, I'd take physical pain.
  13. Feb 15, 2010 #12

    Ivan Seeking

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    As for physical, I would add "caught in the zipper" to the list.
  14. Feb 15, 2010 #13
    The brief moment of terror that the unspeakable just happened is the worst.
  15. Feb 15, 2010 #14

    Ivan Seeking

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    Hopefully it is brief and not a matter of capture.
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    Among other things...
  17. Feb 15, 2010 #16

    Try Dale Carnegie:

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    Same here.

    Watching my youngest brother die, and my parents suffering through that, is the worst I've experienced to date. I'd gladly take all the physical pain the world could throw at me, if it would have saved his life or if that would bring my brother back.
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    Physical pain such as failing to perform normal tasks can cause emotional pain which might be more worse than the example given.

    Personally, I will take whatever comes.

    There are many other religions/ways that can answer this but I would prefer the Buddhism way.
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    Imagine the combined pain for the girl if her friend had slept with the other end on the rails...

    Can it get worse?
  21. Feb 17, 2010 #20
    thaaaaaaaaaaaaanks for reply:smile:
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