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Thermodynamic equilibrium constants calculating the reaction free energy

  1. Dec 8, 2011 #1
    Can someone please help me answer this question and explain the concepts/solution step by step:

    Prof. W.H Bogus claims that he has prepared a powerful new catalyst that makes it possible to synthesize NH3 with a 70% yield in a reactor operating 500K and 2 atm pressure and having a feed consisting of N2 and H2 in stochiometric ratio. Evaluate his claim by calculating the reaction free energy change for the proposed reaction under the conditions stated. For NH3 at 500K, Gf= 4.778 kJ/mol.

    The answer is +10.43 kJ/mol which means this is not a spontaneous reaction.

    I first calculated K using ln K=(-G/RT) then i didnt know what to do after that. Please help me.
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