Thin film asymmetrical grazing angle XRD

  1. Hi guys

    I wanted to know if somebody can guide me on how to run a symmetrical grazing angle XRD on carbon thin films. I have been doing asymmetric grazing angle which predominantely measures diffraction pattern which is out of plane (normal) to the substrate. Now, I want to do an in-plane symmetric mode which could measure diffraction coming from planes parallel to the substrate, could somebody guide me on this ??
    I have a vague idea that the inplane symmetric mode would be similar to a locked couple mode but I could be miles off :rolleyes: !!
    the system is a bruker d8 discover

    thanks in advance !!
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  3. Hi, Sorry I don't know answer for your question. But I wanted to know how to do out of plane XRD. Means I wannt to avoid peaks from the planes which are normal to the substrate.
    We have Grazing angle shimandzu thinfilm XRD.
    If anybody know please help in this regard

    Thanks In advance
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