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News This is a vital issue and concerns National Security who will drop this ball

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    as this article points out Bushco is well on their way to fumbling the ball.

    see here: http://observer.guardian.co.uk/print/0,3858,4864237-102275,00.html [Broken] :eek:
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    Sorry, I just could not bring myself to read any further than...

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    jimmy p

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    I'm getting a sense of deja vu here. Consider the source. The Observer is a cheap-ass lame newspaper that prints fake/rubbish news all the time, I don't think there are many people in Britain who take it seriously.

    The same goes for the Guardian...
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    The world has come to an end several times during my life. You'll get used to it. Remember the coming ice age? I think that George Bush's great grandfather was responsible for that one. Thank god FDR cancelled the funding for the ice age, thereby avoiding another republican disaster.
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    As far as I know, the EARTH wont end per se but extinction level events may occur. This situation is very probable. We will know for sure if the currrent known as the 'Great Conveyor Belt' shuts down by then it would be a bit late.
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    Amp needs to obtain his scientific knowledge from a more reliable source. I suggest the National Inquirer published in the US, as two or three times a year it prints a fact. Numerous articles, both pro and con, by learned writers have described the potentially disastrous Gulf Stream hypothesis. There is NO secrecy involved in this issue, nor that of 99.99% of similar, “secret” issues.

    If climatic changes were to alter the flow of the Gulf Stream, the changes began at least a century before GW took office. In short, president Bush did nothing to initiate it, can do nothing to stop it in the short term of two decades. The emergence of China and other Asian countries as major contributors to climatic change (if such changes are not occurring via natural causes) will make any effort by the US meaningless. The Kyoto Treaty needs to be replaced by one having realistic means of implementation by all countries, one that embodies good science, one that does not embody feel good, socialistic, political dogma.
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    Geniere, Bush did not initiate such change. My point is his admin could get their heads out of the sand and stop pretending as if MAN induced climate change isn't an important NS concern. In fact, they should be exploring ways that technology, the expanding world populace, the dwindling resources(alternatives must be invested) and nature can be ecologically joined.
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