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Threads that disappear

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    ...send messages of biased "moderation". It gives the appearance of abusive powers. What happened to the "What has Obama to hide?" thread?

    ...makes one think that Obama and all his backers may have something to hide.
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    I disagree. Threads that are non-productive on either side are either removed or locked. I've been the cause of a few "locked" threads even though I've never faked quotes, used extremely biased sources, or made outlandish, radical claims without a single source as some others have done.

    If threads are generally not about debate but about mud-slinging or prejudicial language and so on they are deleted or, in general, locked.

    This allows more productive, sourced threads to continue. It's all in the forum guidelines available at the top of the forums.
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    The thread hasn't disappeared anywhere (though it would be perfect within the rules to do that). I see it.
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    It's here: https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=251124

    The title was changed from a sensationalist title to one the conveyed the content of the thread.

    Note that you can find all of the threads that you started by choosing the "find all threads started by [username]" from the statistics tab in your profile.
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    I see.

    I guess a simple PM to the thread starter is out of the question.

    ...and the original title still shows in the Re: bar
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    Normally messages do get sent when something like this is done. I guess the mentor that made the edit got distracted (this can happen quite often, since we all have real jobs as well as PF!)
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