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Calculators Ti-89 titanium what can i do with it

  1. Jan 12, 2007 #1
    ok i bought my calculator for exact 5 days
    i have learned as much as i can
    now i have 3 weeks free because end of the finals i am waiting the comming semester . i want to use it in my exams
    i learned (important ones)
    how to take integrals , derivation , laplace ,
    and still learning diff eqn , fourier , EE.Pro
    but my question is what is the limit of this device ?
    for example can it do digital design? or can i use in telecom theory ?
    what can do with it in exams behind of these all
    please share with me your experience

    by the way i am an electric and electronic engineering student
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    You plan on using the TI-89 to cheat on your tests? It doesnt need to have a limit. It as all the functions you will ever need and has been optimized for use in engineering, especially EE. People do write third party programs for it though. I've seen it all, digital and analog circuit simulation, an entire physics package, optimized calculus packages, etc. Check out ticalc.org. But here is a tip, dont rely too much on your calculator as a student. You will miss out on the feeling of getting your hands "dirty".
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    no not for cheating i want to be faster
    we really dont have the time for cheating
    in an exam there are 2 possibilities whether you can solve the question or not
    there is only one way to cheat that is to write the solution from your classmate but as we all know in EE al solutions are unique lecturer can see this by grading the paper .
    its allowed to use a calculator
    for example circuit course which i passed
    we used a basic calculator for cramer rule
    did calculation with complex numbers
    convert to phase (rectangular to polar) example (3+i4) -> (5<37)
    lecturer advise us to do that

    so my question is what was your expierience?
    or is someone using this now for which purposes in EE enginering?
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    Well my experience, lets see....here is a sum up to keep a long story short. I dont use it intensively anymore, in fact I pulled out my old TI-83 and started to use it more. Dont get me wrong, the 89 is an awesome calculator, but having it do all the work - integration, differentiation, matrices, etc; just wasnt working out.
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    I can't get mine to solve multiple equations involving complex numbers, so I'm stuck doing it by hand. I can get it if there's no complex numbers involved.

    My motto is: they're helpful but don't depend on them. because there will come a day when you need to solve something and you wont have it
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