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Homework Help: Topic of Paper - What should it be?

  1. Nov 15, 2006 #1
    Topic of Paper -- What should it be?

    I'm looking for a topic to write a 5-6 page paper on. I'm talking Calc 1 now so the phyics class that I'm in doesn't really have any calculus in it. Any suggestions on what might make a good topic?
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    Maybe on the accomplishments of a famous physicist or someone who has contributed to physics a lot, and about what they have added to physics.
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    If you want to do a biography, I suggest Richard Feynman. He was a very interesting person, as well as a great physicist, and I think he would make for a colorful subject.
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    Is it supposed to be a physics paper, or a paper related to physics?

    Right something about orbital motion... it's cool, and you can get a rough understanding without really knowing calculus (hell, Newton proved Kepler using geometry!)
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