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Homework Help: Total resistive force by water and air on water skier

  1. Oct 5, 2014 #1
    A water skier of mass m is pulled at a constant velocity v by a boat of mass M. Tension in the rope held horizontally by the skier is T.
    a) Find the total resistive force by the water and air on the skier.
    b) How much upward force does the water exert on the skier?

    What equation would I use to start this problem?
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    First, think about what is happening to the water skier, and how the skier is being pulled behind the boat. This is more important than frantically reaching into a bag of formulas, hoping to pick the right one (or two or three ...)

    If it helps, draw a free body diagram of just the water skier and identify all of the forces acting on him/her.
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