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Trig functions in terms of x,y, and r?

  1. May 6, 2015 #1
    I work a good deal better when the equation is in x and y form, is it possible to set up a trig expression like 5Cos(x)/(Sin(x)-1)and substitute the proper x or y equivalent so long as I remember to replace the trig identities later when the problem is finished? Or can you just not solve these problems like this?
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    Yeah, you can substitute,
    Take sin x = y,
    Then what should be cosx in terms of y ?
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    By ``proper x or y equivalent'' do you mean the types of definitions for sine and cosine we commonly attach to their definitions from triangles or unit circles? I' not sure what you're meaning is, or of the type of problem you are intending to solve
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