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Turbulent Boundary layer thickness on a flat plate

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    I am really confused. Would you please tell me what the turbulent boundary layer thickness is on a flat plate?

    There is a well-known Schlichting formula in the previous editions of his book “boundary layer theory”, which is:

    [tex]\delta = 0.37 X Re^{-0.2}[/tex]

    But actually I could not find this relationship in his 8th edition book, instead I found the Hansen Formula, which is:

    [tex] \frac {\delta U}{\nu} = 0.14 \frac{Re}{\ln Re} G(\ln Re)[/tex]
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    Well I have the complete derivation for the Schlichting formula for the turbulent boundary layer.
    If you need it, just ask. my e-mail id is waqaskhan200@yahoo.com
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