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Two OS's on one hard drive?

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    I purchased my father a computer that had windows 2000 on it. He wanted me to upgrade it to xp, so I purchased a windows xp oem disk from new egg. I installed it on the computer. I thought that it would simple upgrade to xp, but now windows xp and 2000 are on his computer simultaniously! When you turn the computer on it asks which OS you want to use. I want to un-install 2000, but this can not be done through the add-remove program thing in the control panel. How can I go about un-installing 2000, and just leave xp on the system?
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    I would make a MS DOS bootable floppy, format c

    Then set the bios to boot from CDROM and reinstall XP....But thats just me....
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    I agree with townsend.

    Note: This method will erase everything on your computer, so make sure you back up everything you want first.

    Follow this link: http://www.computerhope.com/boot.htm and create a boot disk.
    Insert the boot disk and restart your computer. It should boot onto the disk and show some options. One will be something like "Command line with CD ROM support". Choose this one and in a little while, it'll boot into a command line on the A drive (A:\).
    Next, type "format C:" It'll give you a warning about it destroying everything. Type Y to confirm that you want to format. It should then start formatting your hard drive.
    Once this is done, it should return to the A:\ prompt. Next put your windows cd in your cdrom. Then switch to your cdrom drive by typing "D:" or whatever letter your cdrom drive is. It's usually D:, E:, or F:. Then type "setup.exe" and that should get it started. Good luck
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    If he can boot from the CDROM he doesn't need to create a boot disk. I would check the BIOS and set the Boot Sequence to CDROM first. Then pop in the windows xp cd and when you get the partition stage, just delete all the partitions and then create an ntfs partition taking up the whole drive. Continue installation as usual. DON'T do an upgrade.
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    Yeah...that would be the best way.
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    Ok, that is what I am going to do. So you say that I should not erase or do anything to start out. I simply set the boot sequence to CD ROM first, put the Windows disk in, and restart the computer. Then when it asks about partitions, I simply select Delete All The Partitions. What is this about creating an ntfs partition that takes up the whold drive. Does this mean that I don't create separate partitions? What else would I create besides ntfs?
    Another question: with the windows xp oem disc I got, it also has an OEM Pre-installation disc (it says it is for System Builder use in pre-installation of Windows XP). Do I put this in first? Or do I not use this?
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