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Ultrafast bridge rectifier module question

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    Hi , I have a 50khz square wave from a smps transformer and currently I am using MUR 1620 fast diodes but since they come in individual trasistor type TO220 type packages I have some problems with attaching them properly to heatsink , does anyone know are there any nice diode bridge modules like those that come for mains 50hz that could be used for high frequency ?

    I want something like in the attached picture
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    what max current rating do you need ( as in maximum current likely to be drawn) ?
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    Can you say more about this? TO-220 packages usually attach well to heatsinks. If you are having isolation problems and want to use a single heatsink, are you familiar with insulating washers and heatsink grease?

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    No it's ok to 220does attach ok to heatsinks it's just that the smps is custom built and I didin't have good neough place for the many required fast rectifier diodes , I did manage to get them in but if I could have a solid square 4 pin bridge like I have for mains that would be much better for me and much easier to attach thermally , my average need is about 400v peak reverse voltage and about 20/30 amps of forward current that would be enough probably with reserve
    so I was just wondering whether such things exist like fast diode rectifier bridges for square wave rectification
    or are there only individual to220 packages that are then arranged by 4 in a bridge?
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    What frequency do you intend to run this at? You say square wave. How fast do your edges need to be?


    Edit: "50kHz" Oops i missed the "k"
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    I'm assuming that the secondary of the transformer isn't. but if you has a centre-tapped secondary then you could use just one of these


    and have full wave rectification .... substantially less room needed than a 4 diode bridge package or 4 individual diodes as you originally contemplated

    I have searched a couple of the major component suppliers and have not been able find a 4 diode high speed and high current package

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    Rather than using 4x MUR1620 single fast recovery diode.
    Use dual diodes, MUR1605CT common cathode, with MUR1620CTR common anode.
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    yes, that is the other way I was going to suggest if the secondary winding isn't centre-tapped
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