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UN World Relief

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    Where does the money go?


    My wife works for a private foundation that does disaster relief. She is in Haiti right now helping out (no, she is not stealing children, LOL). She has been to a few other countries helping in disaster areas.

    Her foundation is creating a film that is going to completely expose the waste and inneffectiveness of the Red Cross and the UN in disaster areas where they say they are helping. Her foundation has been to been to all these places helping victims and filming the complete lack of contribution from the Red Cross, UN and other large agencies. If these organizations even show up, their contribution is merely token in order to give the appearance that they were there helping to justify the contributions.

    I can't give details because I had to sign a NDA just so my wife could work for the foundation. But, when the film is released I'll be posting.
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    You know, I've always wondered this exact thing. It's impossible to definitively know through research though unless you work for the agency itself. Then when people do come out and talk about the inefficiency of these organizations and wastefull use of funds, they (the organizations) always come back. So it's 'their word over ours' scenario and I'd hate to go against an entire organization that claims to do very good things in the world based on what some 'ex-employees' are saying. So it's tough to understand what goes on exactly :tongue:

    I'd definitely be interested in watching this film though. I one time went to Costa Rica as a volunteer, I had wanted to go to Ghana but I lacked the necessary experience to do the jobs required in Ghana. It was a pretty good overall experience, I love helping other people and I'd hate to find out that organizations have wastefull practices.

    Much respect for your wife and her work though, I hope some day I get to go and help out some more :smile:
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    It is disturbing to know that how different organizations try to defame each other. First there was a hype about donating to big organizations like UN to help poor world but now it is turning to that all big organizations are capitalists/ineffective, we should be donating to smaller organizations.
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    When you see billions of dollars go to the Red Cross:


    and they pass out plastic bag material for victims to shelter their families, something is messed up.
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    But I disagree that there is something like pure humanitarian organization. In the end everyone likes $$$.

    I would blame people who donate blindly rather than organizations who take advantage of that.
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    Maybe not an entire organization. There certainly are people though. I like to think that I could travel and help people around the world in unfortunate situation and that I wouldn't take any money, if any, that was donated... Who knows though maybe once I had my hands on the millions-billions of $$$ these organizations had I would convince myself that for all my hardwork that Ferrari is a good treat.

    I agree with this statement but I'm not sure if it's very fair. It's extremely difficult to know what type of organization you are donating to. You just assume that they are honest people doing honest work in the world. Like if I went door-to-door with a unicef box and collected say 1000$ but I kept it all, you would rather blame the people who donated to me?
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