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News Under what conditions is the renunciation of one's country justified?

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    Under what conditions is the renunciation of one's country justified?
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    I'm not sure, I suppose it would be a personal decision that is up to the individual traitor.
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    Under any circumstances. The state is there to serve the people. The people are not there to serve the state. And when you get right down to it, the entire idea of nations and borders is pretty bloody stupid. An unnecessary division of humanity.
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    Never until they draft your wife & children so that oil companies can make the big bucks.
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    Why start from the assumption that any individual has any duty whatsoever toward a group of people sitting in a city far away? Better yet, why assume that group of people embodies your nation? Why feel that your nation is so dreadfully important?
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    Anytime you want - get out if you want to and don't come back.
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    My nation is dreadfully important. However, I can understand why others would not find their respective nations very important :smile:
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    On what grounds would you renounce?
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    By what logic does any nation have the right to say "get out if you don't like my way"?
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    Why is it important?

    Can smoeone at least attempt to answer my previous questions?
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    I am a dual national. My mother was a French citizen when I was born. My father (American) met my mother (French) during WWII. She is now a naturalized American.

    Since my mother was still a French citizen when I was born (even though my father was American and I was born on US soil), I was supposed to denounce either my American or French citizenship when I turned 18. I didn't know this, so now I am a dual national unless I go through a lot of hassle to denounce one.

    I am very proud to say that I am American. My mother hated the French mentality and was disowned by her family for marrying beneath her class.

    My French family (outside of my two wacky aunts) is obnoxious.

    I would gladly denounce my French citizenship in favor of my American citizenship.
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    If that is the only criteria that is involved, such a criteria should never have the sole ability to inact such a thing.
    Now suggesting that someone take that action - nothing wrong with that.
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    Spoken like a true anarchist.
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    Wow. Now, can you answer the questions posed?
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    I'm not sure why I ever would. If I move to any of the countries I plan to later in life, they all allow a dual citizenship with the US. If nothing else leaving the door open wouldn't hurt, while closing it could.

    If someone wants to make a point, or wants to live in a country that allows only one citizenship, then so be it. They can do what they want. I have no problem with anyone even wanting to renounce their American citizenship.....I just don't want to hear any complaining or them looking to get back in afterwards. This goes for all countries.
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    What celebrated physicists, like Albert Einstein(?) or David Bohm, have renounced their citizenship?
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    I suppose religious persecution would be one example; however, your choice of an alternative country would be limited to a country that practices freedom of religion. Also, if you do not have dual citizenship like Evo, and take the oath of renuncification, you will become stateless. Up #%*@! Creek without a paddle.

    Can someone give me an update on Alex Baldwin.
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    Must still be studying on that renunciation oath.
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