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Up on Google server

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    I have a little problem with Google server to which I send my friends my zipped file of morphological analysis. When I press send button I always have a return message that my file is included with a executable and I can't send it. Thank you.
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    Are you using Drive or just Gmail?
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    Thank you, I use only gmail.
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    I just tried sending a tiny zipped text file attachment to myself via gmail and it did not complain.

    Try doing that and see if it is just your morphological data or if it is any zip file.

    If it is any zip file then try changing the zip file name from file.zip to file.txt, attach and send that to yourself, download, change the name back to file.zip, unzip and compare the result with the original to verify it works.
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    Viruses are generally spread as executable email attachments. As a rule, most email filters will simply exclude any attachment that has an executable with it. You can try renaming the .exe file to something else like .txt or whatever but most virus scanners are not fooled by it.

    Best thing is to remove any executable files from the zip and resend only the data files and it should work just fine. If you MUST include the executable, then you'll need to upload the zipped file into Google drive or some other online storage solution and share a download link.
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