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Homework Help: Velocity at ends of tube

  1. Sep 24, 2007 #1
    A siphon has been started, fluid is now flowing through it. What is the velocity at the top
    of the tube in relation to the velocity of the exiting fluid:
    (a) The velocity is greater at the top
    (b) The velocity is less (but not zero) at the top
    (c) The velocity is zero at the top
    (d) The velocity is the same at the bottom

    i'm not sure about this question...would anyone be able to explain the answer to me

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    No fluid is lost or created in the tube so the volume flowing in must equal the amount flowing out. If the size of the tube doesn't change what does this mean for the speed.

    Unless this is a trick question - velocity is a vector it has magnitude and direction so walking north has a velocity of say 4mph north or -4mph south. I suspect that the word velocity was just misused in the question.
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    Therefore that makes the answer d then ?
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