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Homework Help: Velocity,average velicity,distance

  1. Jul 14, 2012 #1
    An automobile is traveling uniformly at 55km/h. It then accelerates at 5.4m/s squared to 75km/h.

    a. How long does it take to reach this new speed?
    b. What is the average velocity as it speeds up?
    c. How far does it travel while accelerating?
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    Do you know the equations that relate to uniformly accelerated motion? (Suvat equations)
    You will need to take great care with units in this question.
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    my book has many formulas for constant acceleration I don't know whick one to use
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    Well, think about it for a while. What quantities have you been given already? What is the unknown you're being asked to solve for? What equation will allow you to solve for that unknown quantity using those given quantities?
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