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VFD and Motor question?

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    Hi all,

    I have a 75kW high load Ac drive and a 75kW 4 pole 3 phase motor that is supposed to be used for a winch pulling horizontaly.

    The customer connected the Vfd to a 75kW 2 pole 3 phase motor.

    Now the question is will this 2 pole motor be capable to develop enough torque to pull a load of 600 Tons?

    The Torque Loads for a 2 pole is 240Nm and for a 4 pole its 480Nm.

    Do I have to change the motor (back to a 4 pole)?

    Just wanted a second and third opinion from you all.

    Kind Regards,

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    If it is already hooked up, couldn't you just try it?
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    I am like a 1000 miles away from the motor and the drive. Customer called that by mistake they received a 2pole instead of a 4 pole. I was just curious if someone ran into a similar experience. The application is for pulling vesels and loads at the worst case scenario 600 tons.
    As I mentioned earlier will I have enough torque that will sustain that load.

    Any help would be beneficial.

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