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Vibro Acoustics Senior Design Project

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    Hello All,

    My partner and I are mechanical engineering technology students who are in search of a feasible senior design project related to acoustics. During the first semester we will be doing the theoretical parts then during the second semester we will be doing the hands-on implementation/build. Both my partner and I have a strong theoretical base as we did not take the normal cirriculum associated with an MET program.

    My design partner and I play several musical instruments. Her main instrument is the Clarinet and mine is the Viola. We are hoping to find a project that will mix our passion for music with our study of mechanical engineering.

    After I complete the BSMET, I plan to complete a MSME with a focus on structural dynamics and vibro acoustics. Therefore, I would like to use this senior design project as preparation before going in to the MSME program.

    We would appreciate any thoughts or ideas that you have. So far the only project relating to acoustics we have in our basket is to improve on the architectural acoustics of an auditorium at our school. However, due to funding that would possibly be required to complete such a project, we are staying very open minded.

    Thank you,

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    Another interesting idea is to look at the sound quality (or "timbre") of your different instruments (and possibly others). This can change as a function of volume, etc. (even perhaps the maker and model of your particular instrument -- esp. if you can get ahold of a student model versus a professional make).
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    Thanks for your input....

    Violin Acoustics

    What if as a result of using modern day experimental test instrumentation, we were able to find a way to get the same sound quality (or “timbre”) as is obtained from aged instruments? What if we were able to get this same sound quality (or better) out of the instrument right off the manufacturing floor (from day 1)?

    We could analyze the effect of geometry, glue used, types of wood, finishing, and other parameters which produce the quality of sound. We probably have access to aged instruments and new instruments because we are collaborating with the music department at our school. Maybe we could analyze one brand of instrument that has not changed in design for a long period of time. We could statistically determine what is considered a good quality aged instrument brand.
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    FastLineare Try looking up "control of interference by Stradivari and Guarneri" I suggested a very persuasive solution to violin tone and feel as if I`ve been mugged by the reaction against my little theory. This is on the Violin Forum Leif Luscombe . My nom de plume is Amezcua.
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