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Voltage Multiplier Circuit Design

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    I have made a 3 stage voltage multiplier. My input is from the outlet so 120 V ac. I measure my output from the first and last capacitors of the bottom row as shown in the image. The output I am getting is 120 V dc. From the equation Vout(dc) = Vin(ac)*sqrt(2)*number of stages. With this equation I should be getting around 500 V dc theoretically. I am not sure what is going on, anybody have any insight? Thank in advance.

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    Look more like a 3 stage diode fryer. I assume you are simulating this and have not actually built anything.

    Where did that circuit and equation come from?
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    If you google voltage multiplier circuit that is the circuit that comes up. You can check it out here:


    The equation I don't remember what source but it was from a google search also.

    Do you have any suggestions if I am inputting ac to multiply 3 or 4 times to get dc output?
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    What is your background and level of knowledge/experience in electronics? How much have you worked with AC Mains and high voltages in the past? What you are doing is dangerous.
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    I have theoretical experience but not any hands on. I have worked with high voltage power supplies but not with AC mains.

    My actual goal is to take a neon sign transformer which gives me 9500 V and put it through my multiplier to get close to 40,000 V dc to power a vacuum tube.
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    I'm sorry, but with that level of experience, this is too dangerous for us to offer you help. Thread is closed.
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