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Homework Help: Weak Acid, Strong Base Titration

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    25 mL of 0.1 M HOAc are titrated with 0.15 M NaOH. What is the pH at

    I know that the pH at start will be greater than 1.0 and the pH at equivalence will be greater than 7 since its a titration of a weak acid and a strong base. But what I don't know is whether or not there is a way to solve this problem for the exact pH since the volume of NaOH is not given.
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    can't you figure out the volume of NaOH, though?

    write and balance the chemical eqn, and then use stoichiometric relationships to find the moles of NaOH. Divide this by the molarity (0.15 M) to get milliliters of NaOH.
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    The pH at equivalence point is the same as solution containing the equivalent concentration of sodium OAc. You can use the Kb of this conjugate base of the weak acid.
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