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Weird Project Idea

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    Don't know what forum to put this in.

    In what must be the most retarded step I know, we have been told to hand in a report in a "decorative container" worth a mind bogglingly large percentage of the mark.

    Considering my report is on the anthropic principle and its relation to cosmology, I'm mystified as to what I'll use as a container. My last ditch attempt will be to glue various pieces of piping and a lens and stuff my report into it and call the housing a telescope. :rolleyes:

    However, I really need something that'll probably have a higher wow factor - something that can be built in like a day or two. Help/Suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Hmmm... how about a collage of perdy astronomy pictures, would that work?
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    Maybe your instructor is fishing around for a neat pencil-holders. Go to an AP site and print out a list of the cosmological parameters that need to be "just so" for human life to exist. Then visit some other sites and "borrow" nice graphics representing black holes, space-time curvature in GR, WMAP data, etc. Print them out at suitable scales and glue them to a nice heavy glass tumbler. Glue on formaulae or values of the parameters that allow these things to exist, then coat with polyurethane. Alternatively, you could type the values into the jpegs using an image editor before printing for a neater look.

    Of course you could use a glue stick to laminate $10 bills onto the tumbler and explain that the AP is really short of funding... OK, too obvious.
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