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What can glue condom material to hard plastic?

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    I am manufacturing a plastic cube out of six flat, hard pieces plastic, of the same consistency as water bottle plastic. The top and bottom sides of the cube will be connected to the middle 4 panels by condom rubber. I need some kind of bendable plastic that can expand so that the cube can grow larger, and my only idea thus far is condoms. Does anyone either know of an adhesive that binds condoms to hard rubber, or know of a better solution to my problem than condoms? Any help is appreciated.
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    JB Weld will glue anything to anything. I've also heard that Gorilla Glue is good but I've never used it.
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    By how much does the cube expand?

    One needs an elastomer that can strain to the desired range, ostensibly without failure.


    If one uses an adhesive, then is must form a bond without being to rigid.
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    Gorilla glue (polyurethane glue) expands quite a bit as it cures - it foams up. So there is that to consider.
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    Gorilla glue also gets hot as it cures.

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    Condom material does not expand much, and is made thin on purpose so it's not very durable. I don't think it is a material you should consider for this project.

    Is this device related to your other thread? https://www.physicsforums.com/threa...project-help-appreciated.834103/#post-5237814

    Can the top and bottom instead move into the cube to change its volume? They would act more like pistons, and you would then just need to figure out how best to seal the edges of the top and bottom against the inner surface of the box formed by the sides. Or could you just change to a cylindrical shape to simplify the sealing of the top and bottom against the inner surface of the cylinder?

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    If this must be an expandable box you could get a balloon that is the approximate size you need. Glue flat panels to it. When expanding, if there are small failures of the adhesive you will still maintain a seal.

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