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What can I buy as an alternative to lab filters?

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    I have tried using coffee filters in the past but they seem to be too thick. The ones I have are 300 g / m^2. Just looking on wikipedia they say filters actually made for chemistry are 80 g / m^2. What other paper can I buy in a rush, in a pinch, from a place like Wal-mart that will be a suitable filter? Thanks.

    I suppose I should mention the specific experiment we are doing this time is making casein glue from skim milk.
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    what about stacked paper towels?

    By stacked I mean 2 or more paper towels for proper thickness.

    You also might be able to get some silk as an alternative.
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    Would cheesecloth work for your application?
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    or those microfilament cleaning cloths
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    Thanks for the suggestions, the coffee filters actually ended up not posing a problem this time.
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    Paper lens wipes (sans methanol). Get the ones that leave no lint.
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    A ball of cotton stuck in the funnel.
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    thats a good one expecially using the funnel for less mess.
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