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Homework Help: What does T represent in mc^2 equation?

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    I have an equation which states;

    T = mc^2 - m0c^2

    I know kinetic energy equals this same equation. Does T also represent kinetic energy in this equation? If so, why has the letter T been used?

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    Some books use T for kinetic and U for potential energy, whereas other books use different conventions.
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    Is there any particular reason for the letter T?

    Does it represent translational kinetic energy?
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    Kinetic energy is E = ½mv² and may be called by other letters, but E = mc² could only be Einstein's formula for the energy obtained from converting mass m into energy in some kind of nuclear reaction. Here c is the speed of light. I have never seen it called T. Sounds like a misprint.
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    It's very common for Classical Mechanics textbooks to use the upper case letter T for kinetic energy.
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    Well thats new ... I've normally have seen K for that

    But again i haven't read too many books
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