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What is a fColumb? Finding Net Electric potential, still wrong!

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    I'm suppose to find the net electric potential at point P due to the four particles, if V = 0 at infinity, q = 5.50 fC, and d = 3.00cm?
    THe picture is here: http://www.webassign.net/hrw/hrw7_24-33.gif
    I used V = (5.50/.03 + 5.50/.03 - 5.50/.03 - 5.50/(.06));
    I noticed that the very end negative charge is 2d away from P not just d. But i only have 2 more chances left to get it right. so i found V = 6.37E-10 V. But I never converted 5.50 fC to just C. So i'm assuming my answer is off slightly, anyone know what fC stands for also, do yuou know if i'm right? Thanks!]
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    Doc Al

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    The potential at a distance r from a point charge is [itex]k q/r[/itex]. The prefix "f" stands for femto, which means [itex]10^{-15}[/itex].
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    awesome, thanks guys, it worked great!
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