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What is a good plasma physics textbook?

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    I need a text for plasma physics (undergrad level) for two reasons:
    1) I'm taking the course next semester and the professor doesn't use a textbook, but I learn best from books so I'm buying one anyway.
    2) I need a good plasma text to learn/refer from for my job this summer.

    I was hoping there existed some distinguished book that stands as the standard for plasma books and that hopefully someone here could tell me what that is. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!
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    I took a very fun plasma physics class many years ago from Chip Smith (then with PG&E and LLNL here in Northern California). He used a number of different sources of notes for the class, and one of them was a book by Chen on Plasma Physics:


    You might also get some value by spending some time reading at the NERSCC website, especially the Annual Reports of recent progress in plasma physics as it applies to energy research:


    Hope those links help. -Mike-
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