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What is the mathematics analogue of the Nobel Prize?

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    You have probably heard many times that the closest analogue of the Nobel Prize for mathematics is the Fields Medal. But today I realized that it is not. There is a much closer analogue - the Abel prize.

    In particular, both the Nobel and the Abel prize are about $1.5 million, while the Fields medal is only about $15.000. In addition, Nobel and Abel prizes are awarded each year, while Fields medal is awarded every four years. For more details see
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    Are you sure the Fields medal is only $15.000? I always thought it was $1 million. Didn't Grigori Perelman turn down 1 million dollars?
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    The Fields medal is only $15 000. You're thinking of the millennium prize problems.
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    Yeah, the Abel prize is probably closest to the Nobel Prize. But the Fields medal is still the most prestigous prize.
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