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What lies beyond the visible universe?

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    Hi i'm new to PF...
    And... i kinda have to tell you this...
    All that we can see is 14.5 billion light years away from us untill we reach a spot that's noting...
    or at least to our eyes...
    -That's the end???:confused:
    -according to some of my calculations the universe is far bigger and has a whole lot more galaxies and wild star clusters and matter in general than we think... here is what i've reached:

    If we put 7600 million billion galaxies as the head of this "i" then the rest of the universe is about the size of Jupiter!!
    We can't see it cause the light of the rest of it just had no time to reach us...:approve:
    and right now i'm in the middle of calculating another theoty but i need a bitta help with the first one... Would appreciate it a lot! thanks!:smile:
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    We cannot observe beyond the observable universe. To discuss what we cannot observe, by its very nature, requires speculation. Since we do not allow speculative discussions here, clearly this thread is beyond the scope of these forums.

    Thread locked.
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