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I What sort of material stops magnetic flow

  1. Jan 1, 2017 #1
    I just want to know what would reduce a magnets strength or stop it with a material over it so that its not magnetic anymore.
    Is there a material that would not allow two magnets attaching N+P from colliding together and make them not move.

    1 More question.
    Is there a electro magnetic device or magnet that only sends straight magnetic waves?

    New to understanding magnetic energy. Thanks
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    Every solid material can stop other stuff from moving, simply by being there. You cannot "stop" magnetic fields, but you can re-direct the fields to reduce the influence of them on other objects. This is the main application of Mu-metal.

    What do you mean by "magnetic waves"? Electromagnetic waves?
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    Solid materials do stop the magnets. But I was thinking about a thinner light weight material. Any suggestions? Such as.. perhaps a very thin paper thickness material or just something extremly light weight. perhaps.

    What do you mean by "magnetic waves"? Electromagnetic waves?

    Well To my understanding the magnet release energy in all direction rather than directional beam power.
    I Just just started learning about this magnet energy and I read the wiki. Some of its confusing or terms are hard to grasp.

    So my next question is. Has anyone made perpetual unity magnet invention? I see so many youtube video of magnets making things spin for free power? Is this correct? Do these actually work?
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    Just Google "magnetic shielding" and you will learn a lot about how to guide magnetic flux.
    We don't allow debunking of pseudoscience and nonsense here at the PF. That is in the PF rules under Forbidden Topics (see INFO at the top of the page).
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