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What to do to eliminate Procrastination and Perfectionism?

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    I am not sure but I think I have some "procrastination " :rofl: and I am also perfectionist (my boss said)

    What to do to eliminate both of them?
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    I'll tell you next week.

    (seriously, I have the same, I've been feeling **** about it for the last, oh I dunno, ten years, and can't seem to snap out of it. Yet somehow, life stumbles on and so does mine.)
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    Procrastination - Start working as soon as you assigned something. You can't procrastinate if you don't give your body a chance to wait.

    Perfectionism - Stop being anal, start with accomplishing the general goal first and use any remaining time to flesh out the details second. This way the "perfectionist" details can be scrapped if necessary.

    I'll be here all week.
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    I heard that the frontal is responsible for procrastination.
    How to work on it against procrastination?

    I delay what I have to do, I do not know what, I cannot explain.

    I tried today to do how you said firstly the main goal and then in the limit of the time to revise.

    I hope to keep doing like that....
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    When you are given a task, examine the scope of the task (ask questions if your boss was not specific or is incapable of being specific [bigger problem than you might expect]) and evaluate your skill-set, available tools, and time-frame. This should not take too much time, especially if you are experienced with your company's standards and your boss' peculiarities. Jump into the work, and present your boss with an early progress report, with an emphasis on where YOU see your work leading you. Don't suck up. You have likely developed more expertise in this assigned project than your boss has and you are in a position to make him/her look good.

    This kind of progressive attitude kills procrastination, and it kills the perception that you are too much of a perfectionist. If you hit your boss with a well-ordered work-in-progress, the onus is on him/her to provide direction.
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