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What to do with (relatively) old controller

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    I am taking apart a relatively old AfterGlow PlayStation controller and all I have left is the main board, the anolog sticks, two pressure plates, and two of the back buttons (which are all still connected to the main board). What should I do with it?
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    It was never designed to have a future so you should bite the bullet. Bin it and buy a new system - that's the way of the world, I'm afraid. I never got into computer games but I am stuck with changing computers and phones far more often than is healthy for me.
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    Nice to know I am not alone.
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    Well, I can at lwast use the case and buttons :oldtongue:
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    Consider the components as 21st century art supplies. Similar to the steam punk theme that uses old gears, pipe fittings, electrical equipment, etc.
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    Sell it for spares on ebay?
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