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What Types of Engineering to Build an Electronic Device?

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    I want to start an electronic company, but I don't know what are all the types of engineering jobs that are capable to build an electronic device (Ex: Cell Phone, Tablet). When I get to University, I'm planning to make some friends who have a degree on it. Also, I need to know what the jobs really do. I mean if this jobs required an electronic engineer and ..., tell me what they can do with the cellphone or tablet.

    Ok, Thank you a million!

    At the same time, which engineer degree for this job is better for me? I want to managed the project as a CEO and Co-Founder.
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    If you aren't even sure what types of engineering would be required to design an electronic device I think the best idea is just focus on your education and worry about starting the next Apple later...
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    I agree.
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    Good advice has been given so far. I'd also recommend you read a couple books about entrepreneurial successes, and the things that went into them. This one was a fun read for me:

    "Fire in the Valley" -- the making of the personal computer


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